Artem Uzunov – Raks Sharki Stars

Desire to be the best and win – these are the distinctive qualities of the character of a man who has several years implementing them fully, being one of the best in any business for that matter come from, and rightfully deserving authority, recognition and love of spectators, colleagues and friends. These qualities enabled him to achieve significant results: in professional sports to become the champion of the Russian championship in the youth category; get two higher education – higher sports and then higher engineering (with honors). And thanks to these same qualities in the recent past, a graduate of the most famous Russian school of ethnic drums «Ethnobeat» today it is one of the most famous percussionists in Russia, original, creative and incredibly charismatic.

Meet – Artem Uzunov. The winner of the International Olympiad of arts, unique percussionist who perfectly masters game on ethnic drums.

Having not only talent but also a considerable share of creativity, musician their creativity constantly strives to show the audience that the percussion is not a genre and stylistic “prefix”, that is a separate independent original genre, combined with a variety of musical styles and stylistic. 
He performs solo and writes their own solo tracks. He is often invited on radio and TV. And its interactive room, a kind of cheerful dialogue between the performer and the audience a long time already popular, and every time perceived audience with admiration and enthusiasm.
 Artem is a frequent visitor and the judge of various festivals and competitions. He accompanies вattles and master-classes of famous dancers. Probably, everybody has had time to admire the wonderful, original performances by Artem duets with famous dancers bellydance , and if had not time – welcome to the Video section!
 Dance world with unchanged interest and pleasure takes the results of creativity of the artist – effective, original, unusual tracks are often used by dancers around the world on the presentations and workshops, but not only them. For example, the track “Let’s do it” equally fascinating listen (and danced) in the nightclub and in concert or Eastern parties.
 And this is not the only track, not only your own «universal» project. In a collection of tools musician has a unique light darbuka, which «speaks» play of light on any sound or a kick. The show “FlashOfBeat” – another project of Artem, beautiful, charming, eye-catching – «the dance» rhythm and light. In the «Video» section you can see the clip for this track. Artem often acts as a « duet» with DJs, improvising under any proposed a musical theme or style.
During the last years the diversity musician manifested not only in solo projects and presentations – Artem was not only a member of many groups, but often co-author of the projects, absolutely different in style and sound. This are: the percussion show-group “Ethnobeat”, and flamedrum project “Akhtamar”, created in co-authorship with his sister, ensemble of oriental music «Araban» and the project “Opera Nova”, the participant of which is the ensemble of classical music “Concertino”, lead singer is the famous opera singer Vera Kononova; the balcan music orchestra Bubamara Brass Band, the Moscow State theatre variety show, a duet with the famous russian beatboxer Vakhtang Kalandadze (Vahtang), participation in theatrical performances, record tracks for film and television, and many other projects and performers – list of projects is vast and multifaceted.
An important point is that all his projects Artem trying to make by himself, mastering every time new opportunities and implementing them very successfully, starting from the direction and mounting clips to work of a sound recording, mixing, arranging, he engaged himself, and the quality and sound of the tracks speak for themselves. And of course, education of programmer realized not only in the professional activity – development of the site you are visiting now, and the development of its design are also the result of the work of the musician.
In November 2013, Artem released the debut album «Let’s Do It», where the best work, as well as many new tracks – original, different from the characteristic and stylistic direction. We can confidently say that the album is so versatile-sounding, that every person, regardless of musical preferences, will find in it something special and close for himself. The album can be purchased here on the website – as in CD format and in digital format. 
 The incredible power, artistry, professionalism, constant striving for development of their abilities and desire each time to surprise the audience – are the main components of the work of this talented musician. But that’s not the point. …

He comes on the scene. The smile. And with the first stroke of his fingers on the membrane, forget everything. Follow him…What do you feel, what do you hear? Not itself whether the breathing of the Earth? Or is that your heartbeat? Listen… the Heart will respond… and repeat this rhythm…