Chronis Taxidis – Raks Sharki Stars

(Musician specialized in the percussions field. He composes Oriental drum solos and he is the organizer of his orchestra)

Chronis Taxidis avocation with the Arabic percussion, started from a very young age, when he was just 16 years old.
As it happens most of the times to all people, Chronis Taxidis, was strongly influenced by his origin. He comes from the Black Sea, where his predecessors tradition, helped him become familiar with the oriental rhythms, as well as with the music of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Surrounded by an extraordinary history of music coming from his origin, he began to explore and learn the Arabic music on his own. After three years of self-training Chronis Taxidis had the privilege to be trained to the Egyptian Style technique next to one of the few and most important teachers of Arabic percussion, Khamis Khenkesh. After almost 20 years Chronis Taxidis is not just an Egyptian tabla player but a Davul, Dof, Req, Sagat, Gonga and Bongos player as well.

Since Chronis Taxidis professional career as a percussionist musician started, he has worked with famous dancers of the oriental community not only in Greece but also in other countries abroad. He has also taken part in Oriental theater performances, major festivals worldwide, cultural and entertainment venues events.

The past few years Chronis Taxidis, as a teacher, gives lessons and workshops for musicians and dancers all over Greece and several countries abroad, such as the workshops he gave in Moscow (Russia), in Nice ( France), in Tallinn (Esthonia), in Ljubljana (Slovenia). In Pretoria (South Africa), In Palmanova (Italy) In Berlin ( Germany) In Odessa ( Ukraine)

Chronis Taxidis is the founding member of the « Anatolian Rhythms » group (2009 – Present). In this group Chronis shares his passion and dedication for the rhythms of the Anatolian culture alongside with other musicians and his students as well.

Chronis Taxidis stands actively in the field of discography from 2009, having produced the following personal albums :

Magical Destiny » (CD single)(2009)
Arabic Rhythms vol. 1″ (2010)
Arabic Rhythms vol. 2″ (2011)
Forest Primal Beats & Tabla Stories” (2014)
World Of Arabic Ryhtmology” (2016)
Spirits” (2017)
Tabbal – Anatolian Rhythms…