Isis Conde – Raks Sharki Stars

« The time when passion turned into dance »

Her sensual movements, the light that beams from within and the way emotions are transmitted through her body, form the perfect fusion creating magic as soon as she puts her feet on the stage

Her passion for dance started at the early age of four, starting with ballet for 10 years where she built firm foundations and discipline towards dance, soon after this she started practicing flamenco and continued for another five years, this was where she grew her temper when performing on stage, growing with love towards this dance.

Art has always been a mainstay of her life, this is why, at the same time she was forming into a dancer, she took part in some music groups, learning to play the piano, guitar, violin, percussions, drums, and also taking singing lessons for ten years; thanks to all this trainning, she’s been able to step on over 1,000 stages up to the age of 15.

Isis is, without a doubt, a multifaceted artist, and this led her to the passion of her life: « Bellydance » at the age of 15, where she discovered, what would be up to date, at her 29 years old, what she considers to be the love of her life!

Always true to her ideals and convictions, she decides to start her studies in Mexico, starting by taking regular classes and international artists’ workshops , until she decides to go further to seek what she considered a well known and recognized dance school… »The Arabian Dance School » (ADS) by Amir Thaleb in Buenos Aires, Argentina, school where she’s invited to continue her professional preparation.

She graduated from ADS in 2008, already as a member of Amir Thaleb’s ballet: « The Arabian Dance Company » (ADC); with whom she travelled all around Argentina.

After some time, Thaleb summoned her to become the prima ballerina of the ADC, for several years, where she manages to become Argentina’s favorite dancer and starts an international dance carreer, travelling around the world side by side with Amir Thaleb and also, by herself, she visited several countries such as Brazil, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Spain, Netherlands. Italy, Greece? Israel. Egypt, France, among others.

Isis, a woman with a clear commitment decides to embark on her enterprise, Tapis Rouge Productions, which boosts top rated shows all the way through Chiapas, Mexico City and Buenos Aires, Argentina, promoting not only culture but the perseverance to reach everything and every dream we wish for, and also to promote love towards any manifestation of art.

She gained great teachers respect and admiration, also the recognition from her fellow companions and colleagues, and last but not least the appreciation from her students.

Her greatest success has been the reinventation within this dance, always making fussions, movements and creating her own style when performing, resulting in an artist with a unique style.

Isis….the art that flows from the soul’s inspiration transmitted through her body.