Learn to dance from your home, 7d/7 and 24h/24 with Sandra, professor choreographer!

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The oriental dance was never so easy!

With 30 years of teaching experience in belly dance, Sandra has codified this dance to get a unique, simple and effective method, accessible to everyone. She created this website: online courses open to all female students whether they are beginner, intermediate, advanced or professional to learn, train and improve at home.

A complete and scalable courses program you can study throughout the year according to your desire and your progress. The teaching method of this website will be represented in the form of video modules that form a logical sequence.

For your comfort, discover video clips of all our online courses. Do not wait, Buy now and enjoy your videos Online courses.

Learn the oriental dance easily

5 New modules + 1 choreography all 15 days and new for your enjoyment. Our professional team is mobilized to you. New video programs are being implemented and especially new forms and concepts are being studied.

For your comfort, discover video clips of all our online courses. Do not wait, Buy now and enjoy your videos Online courses.

You can buy courses in streaming and stay at home to learn Bellydance 24/7 ! You can purchase 1 or more courses modules or 5 courses + 1 choreography package .

Sandra’s Advice:

– If you are a beginner, start with the module 1, 2, 3, etc.… and follow other courses progressively.

– If you are intermediate and/ or student of another dance club and want to improve your skills, focus on the modules that interest you, knowing that you can find all the information and explanations you need next to each video.

– If you are student of Sandra and you are already taking her courses at the academy, you can choose the modules you wish to review the explanations in order to improve your skills.

– And finally if you are a professional or teacher of belly dance, you can prepare your courses using our website. You will find all the necessary tools to help you teach.
Sandra is a teacher choreographer, founder of the largest belly dance academy in Nice. Her training is simple and unique, her method is authentic because it is represented by directories, each directory contains belly dance steps, variants of step dance, Technical, styles of music and dance, compilations, changes in the expression and emotion to get the correct interpretation of belly dance. Improvisation skills are very important and that’s the method of Sandra: The improvisation!