They taught me to feel the music, talk to it - Sandra.

Who is Sandra?

Born in Tunisia, Sandra grew up in the middle of oriental music. Her father animated the most famous oriental nights in Paris in his cabaret.
He was the producer of one of the most greatest egyptian orchestra in the 70, called “Abdel Aziz Mahmour”, her mother was a singer – interpreter of oum kalsoum songs. She discovered the big names of egyptian music.

In her childhood, Sandra stand alongside with the greatest stars of oriental dance and music. In the eighties, she went regularly with his mother in Cairo where she learn and perfect her technic with the greatest choregrapher such as Sammy Abdelhalim, Ibrahim Akef et much more…

She studied dance and repertory for 10 years in the Theatre and arts academy of Cairo. She is choregrapher, Master of Dance and certified professor.
In 1986, she created the “Sandra’s Method” based on a codification and a classification of repertories, a teaching method.

Sandra trained many choregraphers, dancers, troops all over the world. She also transmitted her expertise, her method during International Master Class.

In 1996, she sets in Nice and create the biggest Oriental Dance Academy in Côte d’Azur, where she teaches from level beginner to professionnal.

She transmit her art and every styles : Classic Sharki, egyptian folklore, and the most popular specialize in “TARAB”.

Sandra is the student of a remarkable artist, choregrapher, the lord of oriental dance : Ibrahim Akef , with his demise in 2006, sandra felt she lost a priceless treasure. The egyptian choregrapher had knowledge, the energy, generosity et the skill of a great master. Today, Sandra is her memory. With him, passionnate by egyptian culture, she studied the repertories and specialize in solo feminin.

Sandra the choregrapher manage to integrate in the teaching of danse, the concept of performance, the repetition of a movement striving for excellence.

“The student must always go further for the beauty of danse”

Sandra loves above all, the deepening, the beauty and purity of a movement and gesture.

She dont handle very well techinal mistake, the mistake on interpretation and instrumental, an arm in a bad position, a clumsy movement, a week hip, a light pelvis… Today and since 30 years, Sandra perpetuate his art with the same requirement.

The art and style of Sandra is unique, of international fame its style is fascinating and she is one of the first to codified the dance and the rules of interpretation to understand and access to improvisation (vocals rules, instrumentals and orchestrals).

Sandra Kahloun is member of International Dance Council UNESCO.


She is solicited in the entire world for the quality of her teaching and her pedagogy and mostly her method.