Why choose Sandra’s Method?

Because it is about a real teaching method of oriental dance! It is built from a codification of Egyptian oriental dance in five directories and through strict academic rules. This codification is the fruit of 25 years of career in the teaching of oriental dance worldwide and the result of the meeting between Sandra and one of the biggest professors choreographers of oriental dance: Ibrahim AKEF. In the tracks of her master, Sandra decided to dedicate all her energy in the transmission of the Egyptian oriental dance, according to a purist approach and a thorough knowledge of the art.

Because this training in one week is an outline of the complete training elaborated by Sandra to allow you to teach the oriental dance on several levels and especially during of numerous years. Because, yes, too many professors of dance stop their activity, because they are unable to interest their students in the long-term and offer them evolutionary courses, varied and centered on their capacity of improvisation and not only choreographic courses. Fueling the interest and the passion for oriental dance, this is what Sandra manages to do for 25 years now. And she keeps on interesting today because she is the only one in France to propose a completely codified method!

A method in 5 directories – A single objective!

Learn oriental dance and learn how to teach it without choreography, according to the sensibility of every artist, in improvisation mode and with correctness of the interpretation.

Indeed, Sandra’s method is based on the access to improvisation starting from fine and precise knowledge of interpretation rules of oriental music, with a very big variety of techniques and real oriental attitudes…