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Who is addressed by this training?

You must be of more than 18 years old and have already practiced oriental dance.

More precisely:

The training (formation) addresses students of advanced levels wishing to start teaching, or to the professors already in exercise wishing to perfect their teaching. But it is also opened to students who have no required level, with the condition to make a commitment to take lessons and to set up a regular educational follow-up with Sandra.

Organizers of socio-educational structures and arts-therapists wishing to integrate(join) in a punctual way oriental dance into their professional practice are also accepted.

The number of places is limited: 20 participants maximum.

You don’t speak French?

You can participate in the training and request translation in English, Russian or Italian: we do offer translation services.Please specify your needs in the registration form to be downloaded.

Terms of payment

You have the possibility to settle the amount by card (american express or credit card) in 2,3 or 4 free of charge installments (TOP4 system).

For that purpose, you just have to provide a photocopy of your national ID card (or passport) and with a statement of bank identity/RIB corresponding to the payment card. The amount can also be settled by check or cash.

Proceeds from the training (except payment of the speakers) will be allocated by the association “Académie de danse orientale Sandra ” to the organization of events (shows, conferences) to promote Egyptian oriental dance.

How to register?

You just have to download the registration here and send it back by email to the following address:

Your registration will be validated upon reception of your registration form and the payment of the deposit of reservation, amounting to 168 (that is 20 % of the total amount of the training fees).

NB: This amount will refunded to you in case of incapacity to participate in the training (medical certificate).

840 euros if a student takes a single level

1540 euros if a student takes the level 1+2

2200 euros if a student takes the level 1+2+3

1360 euros if a student takes the level 2+3 after having done the level 1

700 euros if a pupil takes level 2 after completing level 1

660 euros if a student takes the 3 after completing the 1+2 level

  • Price Formation Sandra Danse
  • 840
  • For 6 days of training
  • A CD of selected tracks for every course level
  • A copy of Sandra training booklet (including the teaching materials of every course and advices)
  • If the training is collective, it will last 6 days and the number of hours will correspond to the content of the booklet. This may depend on the student’s assimilation of training.

    If the training is in private or in particular, the goal is to finish the contents of the booklet given corresponding to the chosen training, between 3 and 4 days for 1 level.

  • And send us by email to :

For your information, next date for the formation:

– Level 1: Soon the new dates
– Level 2: Soon the new dates
– Level 3: Soon the new dates

Every level of training corresponds to an intensive distributed on 6 or 7 days. The trainings are built by modules and it is thus possible to follow certain modules, for a training more à la carte. You can send us an email in using our contact form.