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Sandra Danse

Nice Oriental Dance Academy. What if you will be the next one?

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The Sandra’s Method

Come discover this method which has already proved itself among many candidates.

Sandra’s Academy Nice Côte D’Azur

Member since 2011 of International Dance Council CID / UNESCO.

Acquire Skills

The Academy provides class for all levels with courses, travels, shows…

Courses for all levels

No matter your level, you’ll find at Sandra Danse, the courses that will suits you in a great atmosphere in the heart of Nice.

Learn Oriental Dance at The Sandra’s Academy of Nice Côte d’Azur

Membre of International Dance Council since 2011 Welcomes you at 4 Rue Massena, Nice, France, Sandra Master Instructeur – International Choregrapher create a teaching method Sandra’s Method.

The knowledge and understanding of oriental music is the heart of to sandra’s method.

The teaching provided by Sandra’s academy from a codification ( 5 repertories ) to access the improvisation.

What is codification?

Its not about naming the steps or technics the codification is a way to approach the situations by adding the movements, the steps and their variations.

It allow to structure oriental dance and offer to the students a coherent approach to access progressively the oriental egyptian dance in his art and purity Year 2017/2018 stars.

The academy is proposing the collective on 5 levels :

  • Private class or semi private
  • Workshops
  • Travels
  • Shows
  • Festivals

Formations on 3 levels to become teachers of oriental dance with a certificate of ability Know more – Sandra’s Academy welcomes you to a new year of enjoyment and sensation. Welcome to all the new students, telling them to transmit more than a practice, a true passion.

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