Evelina Popodova – Raks Sharki Stars

She was born in Bulgaria and she now lives in Italy where she has devoted herself to Oriental Dance for many years. She graduated in Paris at the “Centre Artistique Zaza”. She furthered her own artistic talent by training with the best and most influential teachers and choreographers of this art.

Thanks to her elegant and graceful style she has danced with different traditional groups and prestigious orchestras such as the Arab-Andalusian Orchestra of Tangier, the orchestra “Mernissi”, the Gnawa brotherhood “Sidi Mimoun” of Marrakech and the “Layali The Kamar” of Jamal Quassini.

She has been the first one to make this art known through her workshops  in Bulgaria and she teach not only in Italy  but also in Hungary, Japan, Ukraine, Russia, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Serbia, France, The Czech Republic…

Thanks to the many national and international events and festivals where she has performed, she is considered to be one of the most prestigious ambassadors of this discipline, for the fusion of the body and the soul!

She has appeared in a number of television and radio programmes in Bulgaria and in Italy. She is also part of the cast of the Bellydance Evolution show for the Italy-Prague tournée, directed by the American superstar Jillina Carlano.

She is the Art Director and Organizer of the first international festival of Oriental Dance – “LAYALI BULGARIA.”