Wael Mansour – Raks Sharki Stars

Wael Mansour one of the best choreographers and solo dancers of Egyptian dance

Acclaimed and recognized worldwide for his technique, for his elegance, with touch of modernity in his oriental dance (Elraqs Elsharqi)

Wael Mansour was born in Cairo, he studied and graduated in the best folklore schools in Egypt, and in a short time become part of the most famous dance companies present in Cairo in the 90s, especially appreciated as a solo dancer.

His experience has now been enriched by several collaborations with film, theater, television, and participating in quality teaching in numerous national and international festivals in Egypt and in all the World!

He lives currently in Italy where he teaches throughout the country and worldwide. Wael’s goal is to spread out a deep knowledge of the innovative Egyptian dance through theatre and educational programs.

Its main objective is to spread through the education, professional training and the shows.